In the context of COVID-19, we have implemented procedures for everyone’s safety. Wearing a face covering or mask is now mandatory in all enclosed public places. So please bring your personal face covering or mask and wear it before entering the Main building, whether it be the Front Desk or the Sanitary Bloc.
COVID-19 : Please read the following guidelines prior to your arrival at La Station du Chêne Rouge : Pamphlet for campers

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Our arch-shaped Pods represent Freedom: come and experiment feeling free and relaxed in a beautiful wooded setting.

Our modern Rectangles represent Stability: experiment sleeping in one and feel your connection to Nature.

Our modern Triangles represent Wisdom. Just bring your personal belongings and enjoy your stay.

Our Ready-to-Camp units come with a picnic table and two Adirondack chairs around a fire pit.

Our campsites are ideal to enjoy nature and relax. They come with a picnic table and a fire pit, they are ideal for rustic camping in a wooded environment.